• Danelec DM-700 ECDISDanelec

    DM-700 ECDIS

    Danelec DM 700 ECDIS: revolutionary, precise and dynamic navigation information on screen.

  • Danelec

    DM-800 ECDIS

    Danelec DM 800 ECDIS: revolutionary, precise and dynamic navigation information on screen.  

  • Danelec DM 100 VDRDanelec

    DM 100 VDR

    Danelec DM 100 VDR: new generation VDR with breakthrough SWAP technology.

  • Danelec DM100 SVDRDanelec

    DM100 SVDR

    Danelec DM100 SVDR is a revolution in shipboard service that offers high quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight, easy-to-install solution.

  • Danelec

    DM200 SVDR

    Danelec DM200 SVDR: highly reliable, cost-effective, unmatched flexibility, compact and lightweight, easy to install.

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