• Furuno FS-1575Furuno

    FS-1575 & FS-2575 MF/HF Radiotelephone

    Furuno FS-1575 & FS2575: Reliable MF/HF Radiotelephone for general and distress communications with integrated DSC/DSC Watch Receiver

  • VR-7000 Voyage Data RecorderFuruno

    VR-7000 Voyage Data Recorder

    The Furuno VR-7000 records and stores all navigational data and bridge communications that can be used to investigate accidents.

  • Furuno

    CI-68 BB Black Box Current Indicator

    Furuno CI-68 high-performance current indicator displays accurate speed and current data at five depth layers on a 10.4" color TFT or virtually any VGA monitor utilizing a Black Box system

  • Furuno

    DS-60 doppler sonar

    The Furuno DS60 is a precision, 3-axis Doppler Sonar designed to output the required information for berthing and docking operation of vessels.

  • Furuno

    FSV-25 Full-Circle Color Scanning Sonar

    Furuno FSV 25 is a full-circle color scanning sonar that delivers a stunning performance and has an amazing range.

  • Furuno

    DFF3D Network Multi Beam Sonar

    The Furuno DFF3D Multi Beam Sonar is an innovative tool for efficient fish location and seabed profile surveying, utilizing new multi beam technology.

  • Furuno

    CSH-8L MK2 Sonar

    The Furuno CSH-8L is a compact, high frequency sonar with revolutionary discrimination between bottom fish and seabed.

  • Furuno

    FAR-2157 Marine Radar & FAR-2167DS

    Furuno FAR 2157 marine radar for fishing vessels delivers improved detections of vessels, birds, buoys and net floats.

  • Furuno CH-37BB SonarFuruno

    CH-37BB Sonar

    The Furuno CH 37BB sonar is a high-performance color sector scanning sonar suited for bottom trawlers, tuna seiners and other fishing vessels.

  • FCV-628 FishfinderFuruno

    FCV 628 Fish Finder 5.7″ Color LCD

    The Furuno FCV 628 fish finder uses revolutionary new RezBoost™ technology, providing an incredible boost in resolution and target separation

  • FCV-588 FishfinderFuruno

    FCV 588 Fishfinder 8.4″ Color LCD

    The Furuno FCV 588 fishfinder uses revolutionary new RezBoost™ technology that increases resolution and target separation.

  • Furuno

    DFF1 UHD Network Sounder

    Furuno DFF1 UHD network sounder is an advanced technology for professional or enthusiastic fisherman.