• Marport Door SensorsMarport

    Door Sensors

    Marport Door Sensors display an echogram presentation and communicates with the vessel through our narrow band protocol.

  • Marport

    Catch sensors

    Marport catch sensors tell you when your trawl starts to fill.

  • Marport

    Trawl Explorer

    Marport’s High-Definition Trawl Explorer is the skipper’s eyes under the sea. The Marport trawl explorer tool can be mounted on the headrope to provide a view of the trawl and seabed.

  • Marport

    M6 Acoustic Receiver

    The Marport M6 acoustic receiver combines the latest digital signal processing with the most up-to-date developments in smart software.

  • Marport

    M5 Receiver

    Marport M5 offers multi-channel operation, eliminating any compromises between transmission range and signal detection.

  • Marport

    M3 Acoustic Receiver

    The Marport M3 is designed as a highly sophisticated multi-function acoustic receiver.

  • Marport

    Scala Trawl Monitoring

    Scala is Marport’s advanced trawl monitoring system that collects, processes, stores and displays data sent from multiple sensors, sounders and other connected devices.

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