The OSCAR systems are designed to detect hazards that cannot be detected by radars, AIS or sonar. As a result OSCAR prevents collisions with any potential threat a vessel can encounter at sea. Be it other vessels, unidentified floating objects such as logs, buoys or containers, as well as sleeping sea mammals. The system alerts the crew of any potential danger and tracks the position and distance of that threat.

  • Oscar

    Competition 320

    The Competition 320 is especially designed for ambitious crews of sailing vessels with no compromise to functionalities.

  • Oscar

    Competition 640

    The Competition 640 is the top edge product for sailing vessels, developed and tested by the greatest ocean racers.

  • Oscar offshore 320Oscar

    Offshore 320

    The Offshore 320 is made for offshore sailing and blue-water cruising.

  • Oscar offshore 320Oscar

    Offshore 640

    OSCAR Offshore 640 provides superior safety for serious offshore sailors.

  • OSCAR Offshore OneOscar

    Offshore ONE

    The revolutionary all in one design: OSCAR Offshore One combines camera unit and data processing in one compact unit.

  • Oscar

    Oscar Sentry

    OSCAR Sentry offers an intelligent alarm system for both collision avoidance and for approaching objects when at anchor, increasing safety in all conditions.

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