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  • Radio Holland

    +Planner voyage planning

    Radio Holland +Planner is an advanced marine data system for voyage planning, navigation and monitoring. It is a key enabler to e-navigation and a tool for vessels, shipping companies, engineers and consultants.

  • Radio Holland


    +LOGBOOK is a new way to manage logbooks on board by replacing traditional paper logbooks like Oil Record Book, Deck & Bridge, Compass Observation and others as required, with a e-logbook system.

  • Radio Holland

    Radio Holland E-Library

    +Library is the Radio Holland E-Library, a digital technical literature catalogue of eBooks for use on board vessels. It manages all publications that are needed on board and displays them in a user-friendly environment.

  • RHRS-2014 Riverradar displayRadio Holland

    RHRS-2014 River Radar

    Furuno and Radio Holland jointly developed the RHRS-2014 River Radar, which is an extremely reliable system that offers advanced ease of operation.

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