Universal Card Go

Our most versatile card yet – enabling prepaid voice and data for both MSS and VSAT
Universal Card™ Go enables voice calls, messaging and web usage. Crew members can make prepaid private calls, send prepaid emails, SMS messages and access the web. Vessel operators benefit from improved crew morale and complete cost control over private communications with minimal administration and at no additional cost.


Order & Go!

  • Vessel operators benefit from complete separation of corporate and private communications costs. On top of this, Universal Card™ Go offers a very simple and convenient way of managing crew traffic; just a few clicks and you’re ready to Go!

Easy Administration and Management

  • Universal Card™ Manager, the online card management system, features fully automatic processing of all standard administration tasks like ordering and credit reloading. You can also view card details, check credit levels, analyze call detail records and monitor order history making it the perfect tool to manage crew communications, especially in the context of small Sealink VSAT Allowances. Further, it keeps private communications completely separated from business usage.


  • Flexible: place voice calls, access email and navigate the web and send and receive SMS messages
  • Simple to use: no need for training or user assistance
  • Financial control: complete control over call spending and budget with pre-defined costs
  • Balance check: each time a call, message or web session is initiated, the remaining credit is reported to the user
  • Online management: order, activate, recharge and monitor your cards in Universal Card Manager
  • Simplified accounting: crew internet data and voice can stay completely separated from corporate traffic


With Universal Card™ Go, customers benefit from the simplicity of using a single prepaid communications card for cost-effective Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT voice, messaging and accessing the web.

* Web usage via VSAT requires the Cisco 881

Package with SeaLink™ VSAT

Highly recommended for customers of the 1 or 5 GB Sealink Allowances, Marlink offers a Crew Prepaid Option which adds a further two voice lines and Internet connectivity for crew, separately from the allowance plan data.

Prepaid voice and data connectivity is activated using the Universal Card™ Go, providing credit that crew members can split between calling mobile phones, land lines or Internet connectivity, via fixed terminals on board or using their own devices over Wi-Fi for data. The service provides for more than ten simultaneous crew. Internet sessions and depending on the configuration of the voice lines, up to 3 simultaneous crew prepaid voice calls.

Always there. Everywhere.