Iridium Handhelds

Operating on the Iridium satellite network, a constellation of 66 satellites in a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with cross-link architecture, Iridium handsets enable you to make and receive calls virtually anywhere in the world, requiring only a clear line of sight to the sky.

Iridium Handhelds are suitable for the professional on the move, and offer anyone working remotely in locations with limited access to traditional terrestrial connectivity, voice and data services and much more. While the Iridium 9555 small, light and water-resistant device is particularly suitable for industrial and rugged environments, the Iridium Extreme® is ideal for government and military personnel, emergency responders, mining teams or users that require location based services for real-time tracking.


  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Quick-connect to Iridium voicemail
  • Two-way SMS and short email capability
  • Pre-programmable International Access Code (00 or +)
  • Mailbox for voice, numeric & text messages
  • Selectable ring and alert tones (8 choices)
  • Internally-retractable antenna
  • Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
  • Headset and hands-free capability
  • Upgraded Mini-USB data port


  • Supports all Iridium voice, circuit-switched data and Short Bust Data (SBD) services in one compact handheld.
  • One phone number worldwide with simple GSM style dialing.
  • Secure communications: via Iridium’s independent network infrastructure.
  • Wireless connectivity using Iridium AxcessPoint to establish a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Budgetary control: Iridium’s prepaid SIM and prepaid vouchers help you control communications cost.
  • Data compression: with SkyFile® Mail, save time & money by compressing email, fax and SMS by up to 90%.
  • Real time tracking and free registration to basic GEOS emergency services (Iridium Extreme® only).


Choose the Iridium handset for you:


The first satellite phone to offer the fully integrated services of customizable GPS, online tracking and emergency SOS with notification.


Brings you proven reliability and industrial-grade design in a sleek portable handset.


Iridium Extreme Push-to-Talk is the only truly global, truly mobile push-to-talk system available today.

Always there. Everywhere.