Sealink Business

Guaranteed data at a budget friendly price

Sealink Business offers 2-8 voice lines and your seven CIR levels from 32 Kbps to 1 Mbps, in addition to a burstable Maximum Information Rate (MIR) up to 6 Mbps.

In accordance with the defined CIR, a dedicated amount of bandwidth is supplied for unlimited data usage, so business critical applications are always available at a guaranteed speed.

Available as a regional or global service, Sealink Business enables a constant, quality service with burstable capabilities, at a budget friendly price. This service is ideal for ship operators seeking cost-effective, always-on communications for business and crew.


  • Data up to 6 Mbps
  • Choice of 13 service levels with guaranteed Committed Information
  • Rates (CIR) from 32 Kbps to 1 Mbps as standard
  • 2-8 voice lines (not 2-4)
  • The most extensive global coverage available
  • Packaged with industry leading 60cm, 80cm or 1m antenna from
  • Cobham or Intellian
  • Fair Access Policy
  • Now up standard rates up to 6 Mbps (MIR)


  • Meets minimum bandwidth requirements for applications
  • Flexible prepaid crew options for voice, email and web browsing on their own devices
  • 24/7 global customer support
  • Smaller antennas available on Marlink’s unique global network
  • Combine with the XChange and set policies over your separated crew and corporate networks so that corporate traffic always remains prioritized
  • Quick and easy remote support with reduced downtime and no onboard intervention using the XChange Universal Remote Access (URA) tool



A new standard now with more features and flexibility.


Small antenna. Big performance.


The power of global HTS in a small and superlight package.


Map depicts an approximation of coverage, does not guarantee service availability and is subject to change.

Map depicts an approximation of coverage, does not guarantee service availability and is subject to change.

Regional Coverage

Sealink Business can be selected with regional or global Ku-band coverage, or global C-band. Marlink operates the most extensive VSAT network in the market with several overlapping beams in most regions. This means vessels will rarely (if ever) be outside of Ku-band coverage, and in most regions are served by two or more Ku-band beams, providing robust satellite resiliency.

Regional Coverage Maps

These maps represent expectations of coverage and does not guarantee service availability.

Always there. Everywhere.