28 September 2017

Digital Ship Maritime CIO forum

Remote Monitoring: Hype or Future

Radio Holland continues its journey and discussions on remote monitoring at the Maritime CIO Forum in Singapore. Chaired by Joachim de Jenlis, Regional Director at Radio Holland, we discuss ‘Remote Monitoring, Hype or Future’ in a roundtable discussion.

Do owners see the benefit of monitoring their equipment on board? What are the challenges and questions. What about cyber security threats? Are there tools to do this and how is the flow of information organized. Creating dashboards and potentially a platform of several types of information/equipment types, for the owners to consult 24/7 is a possible scenario.

The discussion at the Rotterdam CIO Forum gave many insights and views, to be continued in Singapore. Our belief is that remote monitoring can help optimize ship operations and maintenance planning. We welcome stakeholders from the industry to join Radio Holland and its guest China Navigation in this discussion at our table!

Hosted by: Joachim de Jenlis, Regional Director at Radio Holland 

See you at the Digital Ship Maritime CIO forum 4 October in Singapore!

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