07 September 2016

Evoqua and Venteville offer SeaCURE® system solution for ballast water compliance

Evoqua Water Technologies and Venteville, member of the Radio Holland Group, have entered into a global agreement to offer a ballast water management solution to the shipping industry. The cooperation renders a unique combination of diverse complementary expertise, global network, remote monitoring and cutting-edge technologies. Evoqua and Venteville have been working together for 30 years already, supplying the Chloropac® marine growth prevention system. Evoqua’s SeaCURE® ballast water management system (BWMS) combined with Venteville’s cloud based 3D-Laserscan engineering, as well as Radio Holland’s remote monitoring capabilities and global network, gives a complete BWM solution to both retrofit and newbuild projects. 

The Evoqua SeaCURE BWMS offers customers the ability to safely operate across a wide range of parameters, including the complete natural temperature range and all salinities and turbidities. The in situ generation from natural seawater avoids purchasing and handling of bulk chemicals, thereby reducing operating costs and removing safety risks. The side-stream system, which provides additional safety and easy installation, can also be used as a marine growth prevention system when not in ballasting mode. The SeaCURE BWMS is currently being land-based and shipboard tested with NSF International, who is exclusively testing with United States Coast Guard (USCG) accepted testing methods. The Evoqua SeaCURE BWMS has already completed brackish water testing (BWMS), and received Alternative Management System (AMS) approval for all salinities.

Remote monitoring, data logging & cloud engineering

Venteville provides innovative techniques like cloud based 3D-Laserscan engineering, which can realise 30% savings for customers in costs in the engineering process. Venteville also offers global service support through the extensive network of Radio Holland, as well as remote monitoring and data logging through Radio Holland’s 24/7 Global Technology Assistance Centres in Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore. These centres offer remote diagnostics as well as logging of operations to monitor and prove successful treatment operations.

Customer oriented solution

Matt Granitto, business manager for Evoqua’s ballast water business, says: “Installing a BWMS on board an existing vessel is a complex process which requires both extensive planning and expertise. Our combined full service offering will enable us to offer a complete ballast water solution to the shipping industry across the globe, to ease the headache of compliance. This joint offering will be fully customer oriented, with the client able to pick and choose the elements of service they require.”

Michiel Veen, Managing Director of Venteville: ‘’This is a logical consequence of our long business cooperation with Evoqua and a very effective extension of our existing Chloropac antifouling system portfolio. We can now combine the BWMS and Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) in one system which results in an efficient combined system. The remote diagnostics provides a value add to our solution which is unique”.

For more info, visit Venteville’s ballast water website.

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