03 October 2016

Legal name change for Radio Holland in the Netherlands

After the acquisition of Imtech Marine by Parcom Capital and PON Holdings in August 2015, the company has changed its name to RH Marine Group. Following this, plans were made to bring back the name Radio Holland. Radio Holland is part of the RH Marine Group. Meanwhile, the worldwide reintroduction of the brand name as well as the legal name Radio Holland is nearing its completion. This (legal) name change is now official in the Netherlands as well: Radio Holland Netherlands B.V.


RH Marine Group has started implementing a new strategy for growth since the acquisition by Parcom Capital and PON Holdings in 2015. The goal is to strengthen the leading position that RH Marine Group has in the maritime sector. As part of this strategy, RH Marine Group has implemented a structure change in which the different parts of the company, such as Radio Holland and RH Marine, will operate independently, using their own name and company profile, and with their own management. This means that Radio Holland will continue to operate as an independent company and legal entity. With our own focus and expertise, we are convinced we can better serve our customers. Therefore, we are happy about the ‘official’ reintroduction of the renowned Radio Holland brand name in the Netherlands.

Relevant changes for customers and relations

As of 1 October 2016 we will continue under the legal name Radio Holland Netherlands B.V. for all activities in the Netherlands. Our new details are:

Name: Radio Holland Netherlands B.V.
Address: Sluisjesdijk 155, 3087 AG Rotterdam
PO Box: PO Box 5068 NL, 3008 AB Rotterdam
CoC nr: 24289885
VAT nr: NL8077.05.111.B01
Bank account nr: NL96RABO0310344395 (EUR)

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