03 November 2015

Radio Holland will collaborate with BIO-SEA by BIO-UV for UV Ballast Water Treatment

Radio Holland will provide state-of-the-art Ballast Water Treatment based on UV-C light techniques

Radio Holland and BIO-SEA are combining their specialized knowledge to provide global integration solutions for ballast water treatment (BWT). Radio Holland provides the installation and service expertise, while BIO-SEA provides its ballast water treatment UV based system range. Ballast water has proven to be an economical and environmental problem, because it disperses invasive species. These can cause a local ecological calamity with major environmental consequences and highly expensive ‘ecological repair’ programs as a result. Legislators IMO and USCG therefore introduce strict legislation.

The ballast water treatment installations will filter and disinfect the ballast water. This disinfection will be done by means of UV-C light. ‘This happens at 254 nanometers, the optimal wavelength for UV-C light to render micro-organisms inactive. The light penetrates the core of the DNA, and subverts the metabolism of the cells’, explains Xavier Deval (Business director Bio-Sea). He continues: ‘What is most important is that the correct UV dose is applied. Otherwise the ship will not comply with regulations, because the water is not correctly treated’

The close collaboration between Radio Holland and BIO-SEA assures that the BWT systems work in perfect harmony and are easily integrated into the infrastructure of each type of vessel. Newbuild as well as retrofit vessels. The projects are completely conducted by in-house specialists, from 3-D scanning, reverse/forward engineering to installation and commissioning. The global Radio Holland network provides optimal service and maintenance.

Michiel Veen (Managing Director of Venteville, part of Radio Holland), says: ‘These ballast water solutions are available in skid form, but also modular for integration in existing engine rooms. Besides our existing disinfection solutions based on chloride, these UV-C light systems complete the Radio Holland portfolio. This enables us to provide a cost effective solution for every vessel with a ballast water system. Something we realize is very important because of the extra costs that the new legislation entails.’

An example of the Radio Holland – BIO-SEA ballast water treatment system will be shown at the Europort exhibition on the Venteville stand, hall 8, stand number 8207.

Profile Venteville

Venteville is part of Radio Holland, and has been providing specialized maritime solutions for over 50 years. It is active in sectors as Ballast Water Management, Antifouling (Marine Grow Preventing Systems), Cathodic Protection (Impressed Current Cathodic Protaction), LED navigation lightning and specialized tooling for diesel engine maintenance.

For more info, visit Venteville’s ballast water website.

Profile BIO-UV

BIO-UV, the leading French manufacturer of ultraviolet light water treatment equipment designs, manufactures and markets ballast water treatment systems. It has been cooperating closely with a great number of partners, including Venteville (part of Radio Holland) in order to provide modular, reliable, innovative and energy saving systems, efficient in all water qualities.

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