Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of equipment and analysis of (performance) data is vital to decrease operational costs.

Decreasing total cost of ownership by remote monitoring

By monitoring essential equipment, problems can be identified in time and solutions can be found. Ultimately, predict a problem before it occurs, and if possible solve it remotely. This will result in higher uptime.

Remote monitoring provides efficiency. For example, if a radar failure is identified remotely, immediate action can be taken. If possible the problem is solved remotely, preventing delays and unnecessary travel costs. If a service visit is necessary, insights ensure an efficient service job and sending the right spare parts and engineers to the next port of call, for quick informed action when the vessel arrives. This saves time and money for the vessel.

Decision support dashboard

Radio Holland provides monitoring dash­boards which are available 24/7. For example a ‘decision support dashboard’. This enables the owner to extract a wide variety of data, including for example fuel usage, speed, course but also weather conditions and general maritime information. The ship owner can analyze this data and see if operations can be optimized. The dashboard shows information of various equipment on board.

Overview of Remote Dashboards

  • Nav/Com Dashboard showing status of radar, VHF, bridge equipment etc.
  • Decision Support Dashboard – customized to client’s requirements, e.g. fuel consumption, emissions, temperature of the cargo or requirements driven by regulations.
  • Fleet Overview Dashboard including data such as marine traffic, speed, course and weather.

Essential data of choice monitored 24/7

Radio Holland can monitor the performance of the vessel remotely via 24/7 follow-the-sun remote support centres. Predicting and solving issues remotely and cutting down costs. Radio Holland can supply the IT equipment, the routers and servers needed to extract relevant data from equipment remotely, store it and send it via a satellite to shore.  These days everything can be monitored, from the temperature of the cargo to the amount of fuel in the bunkers and even the amount of water a cruise passenger uses in the shower! This information can be presented on the dashboards.

Voyage Data Recorder: valuable source of remote monitoring

Voyage Data Recorders are designed to record all relevant navigational data on board of ships. All this stored data can be a valuable asset when applied for performance analysis of the platform it is installed upon. Creation of various algorithms, using the available datasets, can provide a unique tool to reduce the cost-of-ownership of the valuable investments. The remote DataManager function is a comprehensive web service that provides shore based managers extensive transparency into their fleet’s status and performance.

Optimized uptime

Radio Holland’s strategy regarding remote monitoring is all about decreasing the total cost of ownership by providing insight into vessel operations and planning action in time. Radio Holland monitors the systems, identifies problems in advance and provides solutions, remote or on the spot. Goal is optimized uptime and availability of the vessel.

Always there. Everywhere.