Simrad AP60 Autopilot System

The Simrad AP60 replaces the renowned AP35 and provides commercial vessels with the perfect balance of performance and price. Simrad AP60 is an entry-level pilot packed with features often reserved for high-end autopilots.

The AP60 is easy to set up and use. The intuitive menu system and large, high contrast monochrome screen with clear digits make reading the display effortless. The heading control includes a rotary course control wheel, as well as dedicated WORK, AUTO and STANDBY buttons enabling simple performance selection depending on the task.

Configurable profiles

The AP60 includes two user configurable profiles – WORK and NORMAL. The operator could configure the WORK profile for trawling, towing or other operations, and switch from NORMAL to WORK with one press of a button. The AP60 includes NoDrift steering, thruster integration and turn patterns such as U-Turn and S-Turn.

The control unit can be used in isolation, as part of a multi-station system, or alongside a wide range of remote controls.

Always there. Everywhere.