Danelec DM100 Voyage Data Recorder

Danelec’s newest generation DM100 VDR meets all requirements and performance standards of MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed.2. Danelec VDR systems are designed to record and store, in a secure and retrievable form, information concerning the ship’s position, movement, physical status and command and control for the period leading up to and following an incident.

Designed specifically for maritime applications down to the last component, Danelec VDRs offer high quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight, easy-to-install solution.

Danelec VDRs are supplied with the VDR Explorer playback software as standard. The software runs from any PC and can provide real-time monitoring and replay recorded data.

Additionally, VDRConnect is a web-based, remote access service available with the Danelec DM100 VDR. As a value-added interface, VDRConnect allows selective transmission of data from the VDR via satellite to the home office without being limited by satellite capacity on board vessels.

  • New generation VDR with breakthrough SWAP technology TM
  • IMO-compliant with the 2014 VDR standards – and beyond
Always there. Everywhere.