DRS6A X-Class Radar Sensor

A whole new class of Radar!

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible with conventional Radar technology, the DRS6A X-Class marks yet another leap forward for FURUNO. Enhanced in almost every aspect, the DRS6A X-Class Radar features improved short range detection, as well as an impressive long range detection. Utilizing technology previously only available on rugged commercial-grade radars, the DRS6A X-Class offers stunning performance and reliability. For the fisherman, the new “Bird Mode” on NavNet TZtouch/TZtouch2 gives you incredible bird detection performance.


  • New gearbox pedestal unit is 20% lighter than existing DRS6A unit, improved low noise motor
  • Moving targets (vessels and birds) display targets trails for easy identification*
  • Choose antenna size from 3.5′, 4′ or 6′
  • Fast Target Tracking™, display up to 30 targets simultaneously
  • No PSU unit required, simple installation
  • Instant target vectors show heading and speed info with Fast Target Tracking™

*NavNet TZtouch only

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