FALCON-1000 Multifunctional display

The FALCON-Line is the future generation of navigational equipment for commercial inland shipping industry. The digital display powered by a small computer allows it user to load different software programs to display various data.

The FALCON-1000 unit is a multifunctional display which embeds software for various types of navigation equipment for the commercial shipping industry. Sensors connected to a network are read out and translated to the display with help of a MultiHub. The FALCON-1000 enables captains to swap functions between different displays, making the cockpit rearangeable at all times. The FALCON-1000 can be connected directly to the sensors.


The use of a network to transmit data from the sensors to the display unit creates the possibility to add as much display units as desired. As the FALCON-1000 has loads of software pages pre-programmed, it is extremely suited for wheelhouse expansions. The sensor data can also be send directly to the FALCON-1000 through NMEA signals.

Display possibilities

The following software indicator pages are programmed by standard on a FALCON-1000:

  • F-100 Rudder angle indicator,
  • F-120 Echo sounder,
  • F-130 Wind station,
  • F-300 Rate of turn indicator,
  • F-345 Compass,
  • F-500 Pilot.


Within the FALCON unit lays the possibility to issue multiple dim groups, which allows the user to dim multiple displays at the touch of one button, or put them into the night view mode.

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