FAR-2157 and FAR-2167DS Marine Radar

The Furuno FAR-2157 marine radar (X-band) and FAR-2167DS (S-band) are the latest additions to the world-renowned FAR-21×7 series radar. Their software and hardware are optimised for fishing operations, and they carry all the standard functions of the FAR-21×7 series.

Both radars incorporate state-of-the art signal/graphics processing technology together with auto tuning, logarithmic amplifiers and anti-clutter controls, for superb detection on all ranges. Thanks to its graphics processing technology, the echoes are expressively presented with 32 gradations in accordance with reflected echo strength. The anti-clutter controls suppress the unwanted echoes from waves, rain and clouds. The combination of these technologies ensures a clear image, even in rough seas.

Furuno FAR 2157 marine radar
Furuno FAR-2157 marine radar
Furuno FAR 2157 marine radar
Furuno FAR-2157 Control unit

Variety of Useful Functions

The Furuno FAR-2157 marine radar and 2167DS deliver a variety of useful functions to skippers. Direct Key control allows the operators to activate specific settings with just a few keystrokes. This feature is particularly important to one-man fishing operations, where quick setup of the radar according to sea conditions is vital. ARPA and echo trail functions are available to monitor the movement of targets precisely.

With ARPA, the targets are automatically or manually acquired, and their movements, CPA and TCPA are computed and shown in the cells on the right hand side of the screen.(For acquisition of smaller targets such as birds and buoys, they have to be manually acquired.) In addition, those ship’s tracks can be indicated in color, which the operators can select from eight different colors. For extended monitoring of target movement, the echo trail feature is recommended. The trail color can be shown in 12 colors. When the multi color trail is selected, the trail color changes over time. True motion echo trail is also available.


  • High output power radar delivers long-range detection capability
  • Advanced signal processing for improved detection of small targets, buoys and birds
  • Straightforward operation using customizable Function & Direct Key, trackball/wheel palm module and rotary controls
  • Up to four radar sets can be networked via Ethernet without an extra device

BlackBox Configuration

The BlackBox radar, consisting of an antenna, processor and control unit. They work with virtually any size multi-sync SXGA (1280×1024) LCD monitor. FURUNO also offers a premier line of high-quality LCD monitors that are a perfect complement to the FAR-2157-BB and 2167DS-BB radar systems.

FAR-2167DS S-Band version

The FAR-2167DS is a high-performance S-band radar with 60 kW of output power. Detection and tracking of sea birds from a distance has always been very important for commercial fishermen. The noticeable advantage of the FAR-2167DS is its capability to detect flocks of seabirds. S-band radar also assures target detection in adverse weather where an X-band is heavily affected by sea or rain clutter.

The Furuno FAR-2157 marine radar X-Band version

The Furuno FAR-2157 marine radar radar is suitable for detection of vessels and buoys under most sea conditions. The 50-kW high-power output enables long range detection, and its long antenna delivers high-resolution images.

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