FAR-28x7 Series Radar

The FAR-28×7 Series of X- and S-band, TR-up and -down radars are designed to meet the standards of the International
Maritime Organization (IMO) for all ships.

The display unit employs a 23.1″ LCD which provides 
an effective picture diameter of larger than 340 mm. The high-
resolution UXGA, digital flat-panel display unit offers crisp and clear radar images through a DVI interface. The display
has selectable colors with a 
day and night background for easy observation in all lighting conditions.

Target detection is improved by sophisticated signal processing techniques featuring superb short-range detection. Two
guard zones are provided as automatic acquisition zones for ARPA (TT function). The FAR-28×7 Series can also display data
about AIS-equipped ships when connected with an AIS transponder. The radar antenna is available with 4, 6.5, or 8 feet
radiator. The S-band radar is available with the antenna radiator of 12 feet.


  • Advanced signal processing for improved target detection
  • High resolution UXGA LCD provides crisp radar images
  • Complies with the exsisting IMO standards for all ships
  • Low spurious magnetrons meeting ITU-R unwanted emission standards
  • Up to four radars can be interswitched in the network without an extra device
  • Automatic plotting/tracking of 100 targets manually of automatically acquired
  • Displays 1000 AIS-equipped targets
  • Easy operation by customizable function keys, trackball/wheel palm module and rotary controls
  • Stylish streamlined design
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