FAR-3000 Series Chart Radar

Newly developed antennas with enhanced high durability and reliability.

NEW: Solid State transceiver available

Solid State Radar technology generates clearer echo images, which allows users to obtain clearer picture of what are around their vessel, including weak targets from small craft.


  • Newly designed antenna scanners to suppress the aerodynamic drag and prevent a spike in temperature
  • Less maintenance required through use of the DC brushless motor
  • Ethernet network link between antenna unit and below deck processor unit
    This network technology eliminates loss of signal gain between antenna unit and processor unit.
  • Optional LAN Signal Converter enables users to extend the cable between antenna unit and processor unit or to utilise existing cables when retrofitting
  • Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function provides clear echoes
    (Users can quickly adjust the radar image with a single action.)
  • Improved Target Tracking (TT) function
  • Advanced Interference Reduction (IR) function
  • Target Echo does not become smaller even with IR on
  • 27″ wide LCD monitor (model: MU-270W) selectable\
  • Complies with the following regulations
    IEC62388 Ed. 2.0 – IEC61174 Ed. 3.0 – IEC62288 – IEC61162-1 Ed. 4.0 – IEC61162-2
Always there. Everywhere.