FSV-35 and FSV-85 Sonars

Furuno Full-Circle Color Scanning Sonar

The FSV Series of Furuno Scanning Sonar provides reliable and consistent detection of fish and seabed conditions by using enhanced signal processing technology.
To make operations even easier while underway, it is possible to assign frequently used features to the FSV-35/85’s dedicated Function keys. Preset modes are also provided for instant setup of the equipment.


  • Dual Monitors
    The FSV-35/85 has an ability to use a dual monitor setup to extend the sonar display across two screens.
  • Horizontal Display Combinations (H2 mode)
    The horizontal display mode provides a 360-degree picture around the vessel.
  • Slant Mode Scan (For FSV-85 only)
    The slant mode provides a half-circle (180 degree) picture with the ship at the centre.
  • Horizontal And Vertical Display Combinations
    A horizontal and two vertical scans can be displayed simultaneously. By utilising both scans, the skipper can locate a school of fish and its distribution in horizontal and vertical perspectives at the same time.


  • FSV-35 Low Frequency 24 kHz
  • FSV-85 Middle Frequency 80 kHz
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