HT Marine Series 2.0

Business critical radio communications equipment

Built to last, the HT Series 2.0 is designed to endure the everyday rigours of life at sea.


  • Exceeding MIL STD 810C/D/E/F rating, the HT Series 2.0 is designed to withstand shock, vibration, dust and moisture
  • Delivers loud, crisp audio using the latest compander noise reduction technology
  • Intelligent Lithium-Ion Battery with built in Charge Cycle Monitoring providing four essential advantages:
  • Counts 
charge cycles of the battery pack, warning when nearing end of its life.
  • Extended duty cycle.
  • Not prone to ‘memory effect’ that Nicad 
and Ni-MH battery packs suffer from, no need to fully discharge the battery pack before charging.
  • Stores a charge up to three times longer than a Nicad battery.
  • Submersible – Conforming to European IP68, this series protects against corrosion, withstanding total immersion in water to a depth of 5 metres for 1 hour
  • ATEX Approved IIC, ATEX Approval IIA, IECEx Approval, MED Approved
Always there. Everywhere.