NAVIKNOT Multisensor Speed Log

The NAVIKNOT Multisensor Speed Log Series is a new generation in a long line of Sperry Marine speed logs. The 350, 450 and 600 series offer unlimited flexibility and have been designed for all types and sizes of vessels.

The NAVIKNOT Multisensor Speed Log Series features two different-sized Control and Display Units (CDU) each with a large colour TFT display, and utilises satellite-based technology (GPS) in addition to the traditional Doppler and electromagnetic sensors to provide the user with high-accuracy displays of dual-axis ground speed and/or single-axis water speed.


  • Simple and low-cost installation
  • Speed accuracy ±1% or 0.1 kn whichever is greater
  • Large colour TFT display
  • Varied speed and distance interfaces
  • Double-end ferry mode
  • Miles counter
  • Separate damping for speed display and outputs
  • Displays longitudinal and transverse speeds
  • Support of docking manoeuvres
  • Remote control and display units available in different sizes
  • Integrated take-over function Remote-to-Master
  • Type approved by Germanischer Lloyd
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