Netwave River VDR Inland Navigation Black Box

The Netwave River VDR is a very interesting new development when it comes to fleet management and safe navigation. Although the VDR has been in use for some time in the maritime shipping industry, it has now been specially developed for inland navigation by Netwave, in collaboration with Radio Holland.

The Netwave river VDR offers invaluable assistance in the case of incidents. The play-back functionality allows an incident to be played digitally. The VDR is linked with the River Radar and the intercom system, among others, in order to provide an excellent image of the situation at hand.

NetWave NW-6010 Bridge Control Unit
Bridge Control Unit


  • 10/100/1000 Mbps on 4 Ethernet ports
    PoE 10/100 Mbps on 8 Ethernet ports
    12 Ethernet ports
    Flexible Install
    Uninterruptible power
  • Bridge control unit
    Touch screen
    Operational Performance Test (OPT)
    Power over Ethernet connection (PoE)
  • Data Acquisition Unit
    Power over Ethernet
    Scalable depending on requirement
    to connect NMEA, digital or analogue inputs
  • VHF / Audio Interface
    Dual function captures incoming VHF
    audio and acts as power adaptor for bridge microphones
NW6000 Core Unit
NW6000 Core Unit

More functionalities

Radio Holland has added functionality to the system to allow the measurement of a ship’s performance. This enables data with information about the functioning of the ship to be sent ashore. The Inland Waterways VDR also supports wide ranging additional features, including voice recording with both indoor and outdoor microphones and camera. The Netwave designed fixed capsule recording media with unique stainless-steel fixed capsule housing also offers the added resilience to protect data captured from the harshest environments

Netwave’s VDR Ethernet network architecture significantly reduces cabling requirement, while extensive Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability is designed to reduce installation time and offer flexible, scalable installation design. The proven solid-state memory architecture of the NW6000 minimizes ongoing maintenance and support costs and its reliability is reflected in the brands globally renowned quality supported by IS09001. With an unparalleled global service network with over 1200 trained VDR service engineers Netwave is setting standards setting standards in VDR performance.

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