RHRS-2014 River Radar

Furuno and Radio Holland jointly developed the RHRS-2014 River Radar, which is an extremely reliable system that offers advanced ease of operation. The RHRS-2014 River Radar, which has the stamp of approval from the Central Rhine Navigation Committee, is the first mouse-operated radar system. Easy to build in, the compact LED screen gives a clear picture, at day and night.

Thanks to its unique operation with a mouse or touchpad, the system provides effortless radar operation. The RHRS-2014 comes with an onboard black box in the shape of two SD memory cards. The cards can store radar images for 24 hours.

Additionally, with the Periskal Radar Overlay, it is possible to combine the electronic Inland ECDIS river map with the radar image and AIS. All information is combined on a single screen. The RHRS-2014 and the Periskal Radar Overlay are fully integrated and communicate via their own network connection.


  • HID mouse operation
  • Docking mode for mooring with two GPS sensors
  • Dual radar system (optional)
  • Maximum 300 AIS targets
  • Black box with SD card for storing radar images (24 hours)
  • Inter-switching for a maximum of four antennae/processor sets via an Ethernet link
  • Minimum range of 125 metres
  • Suitable for high-speed ships, 48 RPM (optional)
  • 40 nsec pulse for distinctive quality and in-depth imaging
  • High pulse repetition frequency at short range for target accuracy (4000 PRF)
  • Ready for card overlay plotter
  • New technology in the surge suppression circuitry
  • 2x VRM and EBL


Current software version: V01-19

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