SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC has been developed for the harsh maritime environment.

SAILOR 6222 VHF provides flexibility through straightforward installation, either as part of a GMDSS console or on its own. The advanced 3.2” QVA display ensures information can be read regardless of light conditions.

First waterproof DSC Class A

The SAILOR 6222 VHF is the first ever DSC Class A to be rated waterproof to IPx6 and IPx8, making it possible to install on open workboats or outside deck areas.

SAILOR 6222 VHF complies with DSC spec. 493-13 for VHF DSC Class A. In addition to its role as part of GMDSS it is one of the most advanced and powerful VHF radios available today.

A broad portfolio of high quality accessories is available. Handset, hand microphones, SAILOR 6204 Control Speaker Microphone for bridge wing operation, as well as Alarm Panels and external loudspeakers, enable multiple users in different locations to utilise the GMDSS Communication system.

Always there. Everywhere.