SAILOR SC4000 Iridium

The SAILOR SC4000 Iridium is a satellite phone system for all sizes and types of vessel. Using the established Iridium network, it offers low-cost airtime and is built for the maritime environment.

Supporting a wide selection of crew calling plans and prepaid scratch cards, crew members can directly manage and control their own costs.

The SAILOR SC4000 Iridium is easy to install and features three core components:

  1. Antenna – Slim, compact and sturdy; the antenna has no moving parts.
  2. Handset – The SAILOR SC4150 is an intelligent handset and control unit that features mobile phone style operation on a large LCD screen.
  3. Transceiver – The robust SAILOR ST4120 transceiver features metal protective housing for professional maritime installations.


  • Full satellite coverage
  • One global rate
  • Seamless global telephone
  • Individual user billing
  • On board telephone box
  • Data capability – 2.4 or 10 kbps for basic email/internet and PC based SMS
Always there. Everywhere.