Sea Tel 9707D

3-Axis marine stabilised antenna system compatible with C-Band satellites

The Sea Tel Model 9707D radical offset antenna is an efficient C-band Circular only, stabilised antenna system. The Model 9707D is both INTELSAT and DSCS compliant. More throughput is possible using the same or a smaller amount of deck space.

Innovative Radical Offset antenna technology provides unparalleled efficiency and performance. Sea Tel’s 3-axis stabilisation system isolates the antenna from the ship’s motion no matter how rough the weather. The system responds to ship’s movement at a rate of 90 degrees per second.

The Sea Tel 9707D Utilises the DAC 2202 Antenna Control Unit. The DAC 2202 is 19” rackmount unit featuring: (3) RS- 232/422 Serial Ports; (1) full function M&C and (2) NMEA ports for heading, GPS input and modem compatible, reformatted GPS output; (1) Ethernet port allowing (2) full function TCP/ IP M&C ports; (1) multi-user HTML interface port for setting all DAC parameters and viewing the current DAC status; (1) UDP download port for updating software in the Comm Interface.

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