Sea Tel 9711 TxRx

3-Axis marine stabilised antenna system compatible with C- or Ku-band satellites

The Sea Tel 9711 system with a 2.4 m radical offset reflector is an efficient, Intelsat approved, C-band or Ku-band marine stabilised antenna system. The 9711 is available in a 144″ or 168″ radome.
The C-band configuration of the 9711 antenna system operates on C-band A Pol, C-band B Pol or C-band linear all controlled from the DAC 2202. This eliminates the need for a technician to climb into the radome and manually change the feed. The switch over from one polarisation to another can be accomplished in less than one minute.

Automatic Beam Switching

The Sea Tel 9711 Ku-band system works with co polarized (co pol) or cross polarized (X pol) services, which can be remotely selected.

The Sea Tel 9711 system is fully compatible with OpenAmip, ROAM and Automatic Beam Switching (ABS) technologies. By combining multiple option files in a single modem, the user can make near seamless transitions between different bands.

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