TITAN-130 Windstation

The Radio Zeeland DMP TITAN line is a completely new navigation line which combines proven techniques with the modern day technology. The TITAN line is based upon its predecessors, the Falcon and Sigma line and combines the analogue and digital techniques into an extremely versatile navigation line. The new TITAN line is suitable for the new build as well as the replacement market.

The TITAN-130 is a wind speed and direction indicator. The wind speed is presented by an analog indicator. The read out of the wind speed is also presented digitally and can be set in m/sec or Beaufort. The OLED display provides wind direction information. The sensor of the TITAN-130 operates without moving parts, which makes it a reliable and durable product. The TITAN-130 can display relative and absolute wind information without the use of an external GPS- system.


The TITAN-130 wind indicator operates with the P-130 smart solid state wind sensor. This sensor detects wind speed and direction ultrasonically without the use of moving parts, which makes it very durable.


The TITAN-130 display unit is fitted with a dimming system. This unit can be dimmed synchronized with the rest of the Radio Zeeland DMP displays.

Colored lighting

The dail of the TITAN-130 display unit is illuminated with LED- backlighting. The color of the lighting can be set to three different colors, Red, Yellow or Blue, creating a night view adjustable to personal preferences.

Wind speed

An Analogue gauge with a Beaufort and m/s schale provides a quick overview of the current wind speed. Wind speed can be set to Beaufort or meters per second depending on personal desires, which will be shown digitally in the OLED display in the middle.

Wind direction

With the TITAN-130 system the absolute or relative wind direction can be displayed with the touch of one button without the use of GPS. The wind direction is displayed on the OLED display in the center of the gauge, creating an organized view of your wind data.

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