TITAN-300 Rate of Turn indicator

The Radio Zeeland DMP TITAN line is a completely new navigation line which combines proven techniques with the modern day technology. The TITAN line is based upon its predecessors, the Falcon and Sigma line and combines the analogue and digital techniques into an extremely versatile navigation line. The new TITAN line is suitable for the new build as well as the replacement market.

The TITAN-300 is a Rate Of Turn indicator set, which can be set to two different ranges. By the touch of a button the TITAN-300 is set to a range of 90 or 270 degrees. The display unit can be used as stand alone unit or in combination with the Radio Zeeland DMP autopilots. In case of stand alone operation the TITAN-300 display unit is supplied with the gyro P-300 (former RZ630). The TITAN-300’ s sensor is unique in its kind. With the use of linear critical damping it is stable at all times. The display unit is protected against over voltage and very suitable for inland shipping and large push boats.


The TITAN-300 is a Rate of Turn Indicator set, that can be used in combination with the TITAN-550 autopilot. The display unit can be used as repeater indicator allowing for repeaters in several locations. The TITAN-300 can also be used as stand alone unit.


The TITAN-300 set is supplied with a P-300 Rate Of Turn sensor. This sensor has proven its value throughout years of reliable service.


The TITAN-300 display unit can be dimmed synchronized with the rest of the Radio Zeeland DMP system. Even when used as a repeater, the dimming of the main unit and the repeater can be synchronized.

Colored lighting

The indicator of the TITAN-300 display unit is illuminated with LED- backlighting. The color of the lighting can be set to three different colors, Red, Yellow, or Blue, creating a night view adjustable to personal preferences.

OLED display

The small OLED display in the middle of the analogue gauge also provides a digital read out. This ensures a quick and orderly overview of the provided data. General information, feedback and functions are also indicated on the OLED display.

The TITAN-300 is approved under: R-2-018

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