Tokyo Keiki PR 2000 autopilot

The Tokyo Keiki PR 2000 Autopilot is widely regarded as a system with stable performance and easy operation for fishing boats, coastal vessels and merchant ships. With over 16.000 units sold all over the world the PR-2000 Series is popular among all uses.

The Tokyo keiki PR-2000 autopilot is available in a stand type which relates to a separately installed gyrocompass, magnetic compass or GPS compass.

Tokyo Keiki PR-2000 Autopilot


  • Designed for operational simplicity
  • More affordable, with improved course holding ability
  • Variety of system configurations (stand-alone model, GYLOT model, console model)
  • Compatible with a variety of steering systems

Upgraded economic efficiency and course stability

The PID (Proportional-Integral-Differential) control and dual gain-based weather adjustment minimize propulsion power losses with improved course stability, so the steering can be carried out with greater saving in fuel costs.

Light weight and compact size unit

Downsizing of the power unit is satisfied with Tokyo Keiki’s hydraulic instruments cramming Tokyo Keiki’s superior technology of electro-hydraulics. The space and weight become 30% less. Additionally, in the automatic steering by GPS compass, when there is an abnormality in GPS compass will occur an alarm from the autopilot.

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