Intellian v240M Gen-II Multi-Orbit and Dual-Band 2.4 m VSAT antenna system

The v240M Gen-II is the latest generation of the v240M that enables communication services in C-band and Ku-band. The v240M Gen-II has enhanced RF performance in both C-band and Ku-band compared to the existing v240M. It also supports C- and Ku-band BUCs up to 400W, making it the ideal solution for high-throughput services.

Ka-band upgrade

For future services, the v240M Gen-II also provides an upgrade path to also switch Ka-band services. The v240M Gen-II will be able to track Ka-band satellites by performing the Ka-band upgrade from inside of the radome. This upgrade option also adds Fiber Link connectivity and Tri-band operation.

True 2.4m MultiBand Performance

Briliant RF design result in maximized RF gain for 2.4m reflector and assures consistent RF performance on both C- and Ku-bands. Furthermore, the v240M Gen-II is designed to increase throughput significantly and features high-power BUC options up to 400W in both C- and Ku-bands. These kinds of applications enable high-speed, high-quality connectivity for high-bandwidth demanding users.

Staying connected at sea is important for Crew and Guests, the v240MT Gen-II, provides the level of connectivity you might expect when onshore. Allowing enterprise apps and business applications to run the operations of the vessel, while still being able to provide for crew and guest welfare.

Multi-band and Multi-orbit technology is the most suitable choice for the cruise and Energy industries, providing the highest levels of connectivity and performance.

Managing multiple VSAT antennas

In addition, the v240M Gen-II is fully compatible with the Intelligent Mediator, which is an all-in-one device that manages multi-orbit and multi-band antennas. It can utilize C-, Ku-, and Ka-band modems (if upgraded to Ka-band) at the same time and switch up to three antennas for consistent connectivity. The Intelligent Mediator enables MEO/GEO hybrid operation with an automated smart handover function, a core technology for NGSO satellite tracking.

Key Features

  • 2.4 m C- and Ku- Dual-Band Antenna
  • Automatic Band Switching
  • Best-in-Class RF Performance
  • Future Proof – Ka-band upgradable, MEO operation capable
  • Multi-Antenna Operation
  • High-Power BUC Support up to 400W C/Ku
  • Intellian-Designed Fiber Optic Solution Support
  • Compatible with the Intelligent Mediator

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