This is Ship to Shore

A worldwide maritime satellite internet service

Satellite communication

For over a century, Radio Holland has provided communication solutions to ships and shipping companies.

Today we offer a worldwide maritime satellite internet service which we call Ship to Shore.

Ship to Shore offers two key benefits:

  • Provides fleet managers greater ability to oversee operations, just as though their ships are part of a single digital network.
  • Offers seafarers and passengers a familiar way to stay in touch with their family ashore, just as though they are using the internet at home.


We offer easy-to-understand levels of internet data subscription to help customers run smarter, more cost-effective businesses.


We supply high-quality antenna equipment from tier-1 manufacturers that we have agreements with.

Installation & Service

Radio Holland’s own trusted in-house engineers are available to install and activate Ship to Shore systems so they work first time and every time.

Below-deck equipment

We supply the machinery that manages the data connection, as well as the required cabling and two types of storage rack.

Tools & Services

These are bundles of “value-added services” that work like apps with the broadband connection that customers buy. These are:

  • IT management
  • Media service
  • Vessel operations
  • Crew Pack

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