Recently Radio Holland Group and Lars Thrane A/S concluded a global distribution agreement for the LT-3100 Iridium system. As a ‘kick-off’, mid-March Peter Thrane (CEO & Co-founder) and Thomas Flinth (Sales Manager) visited the Rotterdam office of Radio Holland Netherlands for a sales presentation, a commercial and a technical training. The global agreement enables every Radio Holland office in the world to distribute the LT-3100 Iridium system as well as perform after-sales service and maintenance.

Erik van der Noordaa, CEO Radio Holland Group: “We are happy to work with Lars Thrane and congratulate the company on the return of a great name to the maritime market, always connected with quality products.”

Peter Thrane: “The distribution agreement with the Radio Holland Group is a major step forward for us. The global presence and professional approach to the market has given Radio Holland a strong name in the marine business. We are looking forward to support Radio Holland.”

LT-3100 Satellite Communications System

The LT-3100 is based on the Iridium satellite network. The system offers voice, data & tracking capabilities with 100% global coverage. LT-3100 consists of a control unit, handset unit, and antenna unit. A single cable solution connects the control unit with the antenna unit. Using a standard coaxial cable, up to 500 meters of separation between the units can be obtained, giving freedom to mount the antenna in the best possible location, with free line of sight to the satellites. The long antenna cable also makes LT-3100 a perfect choice for citadel solutions (anti-piracy). The LT-3100 system can be used as the primary satellite communication product on vessels, covering the basic communication needs in terms of connectivity between the ship and shore. In addition, LT-3100 can be used for crew calling or as a back-up satellite communication product.

Radio Holland Group and Lars Thrane conclude global distribution agreement for LT-3100 Iridium system

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