An Independent Supplier Offering Customized Communication Solutions

As a brand independent supplier, Radio Holland provides communication equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. In many cases we work closely with the manufacturers to offer you the best product to suit your exact requirements.

For every situation on board Radio Holland has the perfect solution, from portable VHF radios to VSAT satellite communication terminals. Additionally, Radio Holland can offer you solutions from the top brands for internal communication such as PABX and PAGA systems.

Cobham equipment in radio console

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Contact one of our specialists and together we will find the optimal solution, whether it is a replacement of one or more communication devices or for configuring a fully integrated communication system. Together we will find the best solution!


Communication Carriage Requirements

Radio Holland has an extensive knowledge in the International regulations regarding communication carriage requirements and needs of your vessel. Below an overview of the equipment that is required on your vessel according to the SOLAS Fire fighting communications (CH.II-2 R10), Life saving appliances (CH.III), GMDSS (CH.IV), LRIT (CH.V) and ISPS (CH.XI-2).

Supporting Your Operations Today and Tomorrow

Delivering electronic navigation solutions is only part of our contribution to the safety of life at sea. Radio Holland also offers a range of services from on-the-spot repair and maintenance to Maintenance- and Remote Support agreements. With this total offering we not only improve safety but also help you to run a smarter, more profitable business with less downtime and lower operational expenditures.

Featured products

Furuno FS-1575

FS-1575 & FS-2575 MF/HF Radiotelephone

Furuno FS-1575 & FS2575: Reliable MF/HF Radiotelephone for general and distress communications with integrated DSC/DSC Watch Receiver

Sailor 4300 L-band Terminal

SAILOR 4300 L-BAND Terminal

The next generation SAILOR 4300 L-band terminal is the perfect choice as either a high performance, stand-alone terminal to upgrade your vessel’s communications, or as a dependable backup solution for your existing VSAT system.

Jotron TRON TR-30 GMDSS Portable VHF


Jotron Tron TR30 GMDSS and Maritime VHF radio is an innovated “two-in-one” radio.


V100 Ku-Band Maritime Stabilized Antenna

Intellian v100 is a 1m Ku-band maritime stabilized antenna – a ready-to-use system for Ka-band service.

Sailor 6222 VHF DSC

SAILOR 6300 Radiotelephone

The SAILOR 6300 Radiotelephone provides seafarers with the perfect solution for long range communication and emergency distress calling, enabling safe and efficient operations.

Furuno Felcom-18 Inmarsat-C

FELCOM-18 Inmarsat-C Terminal

The Furuno Felcom-18 Inmarsat-C provides a high-quality two-way telex and data link between ships and other parties at sea or on land.