The Radio Holland E-Navigation solution

The Radio Holland E-Navigation solution ensures and enhances safe voyages from berth to berth, offering user-friendly applications that minimize administrative tasks while maintaining the highest level of compliance. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your vessels or fleets, our E-Navigation solutions are designed to accommodate users at all levels. These solutions are environmentally friendly and require no additional hardware.

Our E-Navigation solution consists of three applications, effectively supporting your operations both on board and ashore:

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Voyage Planner

This application provides comprehensive access to electronic charts and nautical publications for safe voyage planning. Users are presented with layered information: the first layer includes digitized nautical charts through the AVCS ADMIRALTY Vector Charts Service, the second layer contains safety and nautical data like Notices to Mariners and weather information, and the third layer facilitates voyage planning by plotting waypoints and calculating courses. The application is compatible with both state-of-the-art plotting tables and off-the-shelf commercial laptops.


Digital Technical Publications

This application gives access to all available technical publications. +Library makes compliance easy by keeping the required publications always updated on board.

The shipping cost and administration associated with the maintenance of a paper-based collection are removed as there are no physical books to ship, and the entire library is updated at the click of a button.


Electronic Logbook

This application is a new way to manage logbooks on board by replacing traditional paper logbooks such as the Oil Record Book, Deck & Bridge log, Compass Observation log and others, with a digital logbook system. Radio Holland’s +Logbook is accurate and complete, making it a reliable and verifiable alternative to traditional paper logbooks.

Authorized by Admiralty

Radio Holland is an authorized Technical Solutions Provider & Distributor of Digital Products and Services of UKHO (Admiralty).

CIRM Cyber Risk Code

Radio Holland fully adopts the CIRM Cyber Risk Code. The CIRM Cyber Risk Code of Practice sets out cyber security best practice for vendors of marine electronic equipment and services.