Radio Holland is the specialist for all marine electronics related to the Fishery sector, both for newbuild and maintenance, repair and retrofit projects. Our extensive range of products and services are not only related to navigation and communications, they also extend to fish detection and fish finding (sonars), as well as catch control systems for small and mid-sized vessels right up to the largest fishing vessels in the world. Radio Holland has equipped many new-builds over the years and is a key partner to the largest fishery companies in Europe for services, repair and retrofits.

Research vessel for fishery
RV Pelagia
WR-50 Concordia Moored in Den Oever


In the Netherlands Radio Holland offers its products directly through its own offices and via a number of specialist dealers comprising De Boer Marine in Urk, DE Maritime in Stellendam and Narwal in Harlingen.

These dealers are:

De Boer Marine

Westwal 9
8321 WG Urk

Narwal Innovatie

Buorren 10
8845 SG Waaksens

DE Maritime

Meester Snijderweg 29
3251 LJ Stellendam


Radio Holland has many long-lasting relationships with skippers and shipping companies in the fishery market, which enables us to support them when they decide to invest in new vessels. We have a vast amount of knowledge and expertise related to navigation and communication equipment, as well as innovative sonar and net monitoring equipment. Our account managers are available to give you advice about the best equipment for your specific newbuilding project.

Fishery trawler Z-548 off Texel
Z-548 off Texel
Furuno FCV-1900 Fish Finder
Furuno FCV-1900 Fish Finder with TruEcho CHIRP™ technology

Chirp Technology

A new development in echosounders is Chirp technology that allows fishermen to determine not only the precise depth and size of the fish but also the species of fish. Chirp technology greatly enhances the resolution of the echosounder. With 5 to 10 times greater detail and resolution, it is so precise that it’s possible to distinguish between individual baitfish, game fish and underwater structures.

Service on Demand

Radio Holland has an unrivalled network around the world with representatives in more than 20 countries. This means that wherever our customers are, there is a Radio Holland representative close by. Our highly skilled team of technicians and engineers are experts in maritime electronics, from VHF transceivers to VSAT terminals and from echosounders to multibeam sonars. Your equipment repairs are in good hands. Additionally, in the Netherlands, Radio Holland has its own Marport repair center.

RH Technician boarding WR-50
Technician boarding the WR-50

Featured Products

Furuno FCV2100 Split Beam Echosounder

FCV 2100 Split Beam Echosounder

By combining Split Beam technology with Furuno's TruEcho CHIRP™, we have simultaneously improved fish size measurement accuracy and achieved higher-resolution target images.

Trawl Control monitoring

Trawl Control

Marelec trawl control presents optimum fishing efficiency with automatic winch control.

Wassp F3 Multibeam Sonar

F3 Multibeam Sonar

WASSP F3 is a new digital transceiver for a high performance and value


Scala Trawl Monitoring

Scala is Marport’s advanced trawl monitoring system that collects, processes, stores and displays data sent from multiple sensors, sounders and other connected devices.

More Information?

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