Working Together as a Team

Our employees are determined to add significant value to your operations. Wherever your business takes you, Radio Holland’s service and support are always near.

Based on the positive, inspired and dedicated approach of our staff we provide you with an integral part of the whole ship solutions you are looking for – resulting in efficient operations and maximum vessel utilization. As you are operating in a complex and highly competitive business, we make sure you keep your platforms and vessels operational at all times.

Radio Holland Engineers at work
Radio Holland Service Engineers at work
Gyro training of Radio Holland Engineers
Gyro training of Radio Holland Service Engineers

Access to The Latest Knowledge

With Radio Holland you are always up to date, for the simple reason that we readily share what we know. Relevant knowledge is accessible for everyone, at any time, at any of our offices. And for each and every one of our customers too. You get smarter when you work with Radio Holland!

As onboard technology becomes more complex, crews get smaller and less specialized. Thanks to Radio Holland, you and your crew will have access to all the latest knowledge, support and service. Our smart ICT solutions and a reliable connectivity infrastructure enable remote maintenance and remote monitoring. Radio Holland Global Services keeps your ships sailing and your platforms operating.

Our Services

Service on Demand

Our highly skilled team of service on demand technicians and engineers are experts in maritime electronics. They offer our top quality, on-the-spot service.

Service Agreements

Radio Holland has a wide range of Maintenance and Service Agreements. These help our clients achieve higher efficiency levels and a reduction in costs.

Class survey

All of Radio Holland’s Radio, Navigational & VDR Class survey activities are included in our certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Remote support

Radio Holland’s remote service and maintenance solutions cover the whole ship, during the entire lifecycle. Increasingly, we manage to do this without setting foot on board.


When you, as a Radio Holland customer, consider that your product or the rendered service by Radio Holland might apply for correction you can use this warranty request form.

Service Request

Use the service request form to specify your request and click the submit button, your request will be send to our ticketing system and you will be contacted by the office you’ve indicated.

Key Brands That we Service