Radio Holland and Radio Zeeland introduce Falcon II Line to the inland shipping market at Shipping Industry exhibition

The Falcon II line is a new and innovative navigational product line for inland shipping. The underlying technology and connections of the Falcon II Line are the same as the existing Titan Line of Radio Zeeland. For the new Falcon II Line, glass technology is used and a number of technological innovations are introduced.

The Falcon II is available in black or white and has a modern, sharp look & feel. Capacitive touch technology has been chosen for the control functions, and all the necessary settings are executed with robust and easy-to-adjust potentiometers. The Falcon Line is equipped to communicate with the various subsystems and with other Falcon units on board through Ethernet.

By bringing the technology of the Falcon and Titan Lines together, it is possible to use both systems within one network. The new Falcon Line has the same dimensions and connections as the Titan line and is also compatible with the Sigma Line. This means that no mechanical adjustments are required on board when replacing older equipment, and any replacement cabling needed will be reduced to a minimum.

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Radio Holland and Radio Introduction Falcon II Line at Shipping Industry

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