BlueStar acquires RH Offshore activities

BlueStar – Subsidiary of STAR Group – has reached an agreement with regard to the acquisition of the activities of RH Offshore as of 1 July 2018. The acquisition consists of the assets and liabilities of RH Offshore, subsidiary of Radio Holland Netherlands B.V. BlueStar will also take over the employees of RH Offshore.

With this acquisition, BlueStar reinforces its position in the maritime and offshore industries. ‘With the acquisition of R H Offshore, BlueStar is investing in a high-quality pool of experienced offshore specialists, which is fully in line with STAR Group’s investment program. RH Offshore’s stellar reputation was one of the reasons for the takeover. We expect to continue growing.’ – Sil Hoeve, CEO of STAR Group.

The war for talent is in full swing and has never been this intense. With the acquisition of RH Offshore, BlueStar will be able to ensure its customers continuity and the timely realisation of projects now and in the future by providing experienced offshore specialists and services.

‘It is with full confidence that Radio Holland transfers its RH Offshore business unit to STAR Group. STAR Group has a well-established presence in the market: it is an organisation with a proven track record in realising quick growth. This is what RH Offshore needs. In line with our strategy, it allows us to concentrate on our core business: selling and maintaining navigation and communication systems, as well as developing our Global Service Network.’ – Maarten Post, COO of Radio Holland Group.

STAR Group established BlueStar in January 2018 with the aim of enhancing diversification in the maritime and offshore sectors and giving these sectors the attention t
hey deserved. As of 1 July, RH Offshore will start operating under the BlueStar label.

About Blue Star

BlueStar is a workforce management organisation with a large network in the offshore and maritime sectors, which enables BlueStar to offer its employees job guarantees and job security. BlueStar provides contract recruitment, project management, managed solutions, and permanent recruitment services to its clients.

BlueStar acquires RH Offshore activities

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