Radio Holland recently renewed MSA (Managed Service Agreement) contracts with Jumbo Shipping. The renewal of the MSA contracts concerns four vessels and has been established for the next four years.

Addition of critical equipment and mandatory surveys Jumbo renewed the Managed Service Agreement contracts with Radio Holland to minimize the hassle of managing multiple suppliers by outsourcing all NavCom service work to Radio Holland technicians. Where the previous contracts focused mainly on radar and gyro equipment, the new contracts involve the complete range of navigation and communication equipment with the addition of critical equipment on board such as the VDR, Inmarsat C system, Speedlog, Echosounder and Autopilot.

To further optimize service management of the equipment on board, Jumbo decided to add the mandatory inspections and surveys, including the Radio Holland SBM certificate, to the MSA contracts. The renewal of the service contracts has been concluded for a fixed amount per year or quarter which means a clear financial view for Jumbo. The four vessels concerned are the Fairlift, Stellaprima, Fairmaster and Jumbo Kinetic.

Paul Smulders of Radio Holland says: “Radio Holland is aiming to reduce the operational costs for our customers on a continuous basis. To this end we have introduced the Managed Service Agreements many years ago. To ensure operational availability of the NavCom equipment on board at all time in the most efficient and planned way. The service database in our Global Service System supports this with a lot of data about the equipment on board. We are happy to see that Jumbo values our MSA’s and that we can continue to support their assets with highest availability.”

Radio Holland’s Managed Service Agreement ensures safe and efficient shipping, always operational NavCom equipment and includes annual equipment health checks, tailored maintenance solutions as well as a planning and budget for an agreed period.

About Jumbo Maritime

Jumbo is an established global enterprise headquartered in the Netherlands with two main divisions, Shipping and Offshore. For 50 years, this family owned company has been lifting and shipping high-value cargoes safely and on time, along with providing reliable, innovative and efficient heavy lift transportation solutions for clients worldwide. Jumbo operates a versatile fleet of state-of-the-art heavy lift vessels with lifting capacities from 650 to 3,000 tonnes.

With a specialised offshore fleet, Jumbo serves the global offshore energy industry as an offshore installation contractor in the oil & gas, subsea and renewables markets. In relative shallow water environments, Jumbo are experts in the installation of fixed facilities such as piled foundations, templates, conductors, jackets and topsides and wind turbine foundations. In more challenging deep water and ultra-deep water, Jumbo excels in subsea lifting of large and complex structures and foundations, including the provision of complete FPSO Mooring System installations.

Quality is what differentiates Jumbo. Their high safety standards, attention to technical and operational detail and precision engineering is imperative to their reliable performance.


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