Worldwide, the number of infections with the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to increase. As a globally operating company we are constantly keeping a close eye on how the situation develops and we are taking action based on guidance from national institutes for public health and the environment. Our primary focus is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees.

What we’re doing to keep customers and employees safe

Radio Holland is part of the Pon Group companies, Pon has established a global intracompany governance framework and local teams are actively monitoring developments in their respective jurisdictions, to make sure our company is well positioned to adapt to them and proactively respond.

Some specific measures we have taken during this time include restriction of non-essential travel, staff quarantine as per WHO guidance, remote access operations and re-validation of business continuity plans. Moreover, based on local government instructions and health related circumstances a part of our employees is working from home or in shifts at our offices. We take into account that the need to work from home is only likely to increase in the coming days. In accordance with regulations and common sense we are implementing adequate measures in the respective jurisdictions as the need arises.

Committed to continue services and provide safety at sea

Our goal remains to provide uninterrupted services to our customers throughout this period. We appreciate your understanding that the above-mentioned measurements may affect the service you experience from us as we navigate through this time together. Just as we are taking adequate measures to help control the spreading of the coronavirus, ports are also imposing various restrictions on vessels and crew. With the safety of our customers and employees as our priority, we are continuously monitoring the applicable port restrictions worldwide.

Furthermore, although some of our suppliers have factories in China or other restricted jurisdictions, or our suppliers themselves obtain their materials from suppliers from restricted jurisdictions, at this moment they don’t foresee any problems vis-à-vis their inventories and supplies. Radio Holland is keeping in close contact with our suppliers and subcontractors. We are monitoring the procurement activities to see if any production materials produced by manufacturers and/or suppliers with production or sourcing in China or other restricted jurisdictions threaten to be in short supply. In case we potentially foresee a certain impact on to supplies (Finished Products, Units & Accessories, Service Parts and Components), adequate measures will be taken to source with alternative suppliers timely. In addition, we are reviewing our safety stock position, to prevent any shortage.

Please know that we are committed to supporting your business throughout this period.

Radio Holland will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates to its customers, partners and suppliers regarding any additional developments.

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