We are all living in a very unique time and we at Radio Holland hope that you will be staying safe and keeping well, until better times. Every day, the battle against COVID-19 is changing our living and working conditions.

Our biggest priority is the health of everyone around us and, as a company, we are responsible to limit the spread of the virus.

At Radio Holland we took the necessary measures to protect our employees: we banned international flights, we all work remotely from home except for critical operations where we have limited colleagues working in shifts and adhering to the highest levels of precautionary measures.

We know the importance of safety at sea and we have all the technology to continue the dialogue with you and help you in running your operations during this difficult time.

  • Our local service teams are still in full operation and can be reached through the local contact numbers and emails as mentioned in the list of service stations that you can download on the “Service on Demand page“.
  • Our sales teams are also in full operation, albeit working remotely from home.
  • Our logistical teams are in full operation to ensure that goods will be shipped and received.

We frequently post updates from our heroes, our service engineers, in various ports of the world on our LinkedIn Channel!

Radio Holland is here to support you!

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