Harbors perform an important role in the economies and infrastructure of many countries in the world. (Air)ports perform an essential role in regard of efficiencies in the logistical chains.

With the growth of overseas and coastal trade over the years, most harbors became increasingly busy with all type of ships. With the 24/7 economy, traffic in harbors will be a continuous activity during day and night.

With the increase of number of windfarms installed in open waters, while creating restrictions on the safe navigation, the demand for surveillance and guidance for these areas is growing as well. Traffic guidance is a necessity to ensure that ship movements in ports and along waterways can be done safe, smooth and efficient.

(Water) traffic guidance

Voice communication is the main function to enable traffic guidance to ensure safe and efficient ship movements in congested waters. Supported by radar- and video sensors, it is the most reliable technique to transmit instructions to and from ships.

Well trained traffic controllers, supported by radar-, video- and meteorological information, are communicating 24/7 a day with captains and/or pilots on ships to guide them safely through the harbor.

In order to allow the traffic controllers to have the reliable communication they need, Radio Holland partnered with MEP and Bumicom to provide them with an integrated communication platform. The platform consists of 3 main parts:

  • A Voice Control System (VCS)
  • Radio & telephony equipment
  • Recording solution
Belgian research and survey vessel Ter Streep entering the harbour of Ostend (Belgium); right: radar tower of the Schelderadarketen (Vessel Traffic Service) Photo by: Marc Ryckaert
Entrance of the harbour of Oostende with radar tower of the Schelderadarketen (Vessel Traffic Service)
Console SVS995 from MEP Voice Communications systems
Console SVS995

MEP VCS Solution

To enable a reliable means of voice communication at any time of the day, MEP has developed a very robust system with many redundancy options. By use of intuitive user interface on a touchscreen the traffic controller will have instant and optimal access to optimize his/her work in this critical communication environment.

For defined areas the traffic controller can communicate via a pre-defined channel. Switching to other channels to maintain a watch can easily be facilitated using the MEP touchscreen system.

By interfacing NAVTEX, DSC and telephone exchanges to the system, the operator will have immediate access to (nautical) safety and emergency messages and communications to the emergency services.

The Voice Control System (VCS) is interfaced with strategically placed VHF radio stations and antennas to ensure coverage of the waterways under all circumstances. MEP technology, with respect to diversity and co-channel, ensures that always the most optimal signals are automatically selected to ensure no disturbance of communication to other harbors or traffic posts nearby.

Worldwide more than 200 VCS systems for Maritime and Air Traffic control are in operation every second of the day.

Radio & Telephony equipment and support

In line with Radio Holland Group’s vision to ensure safety at sea and the nautical environment, Radio Holland Group has an established position in the design, delivery, installation and maintenance of Vessel Traffic Guidance systems. With various solutions installed along major waterways, like the approaches and waterways to the port of Antwerp, the various inland waterways in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Suez Canal, etc..

Radio Holland has the various specific competences available to safeguard a 24/7 undisrupted vessel traffic guidance.

Acting as the system integrator, working closely with the leading players in traffic guidance systems, i.e. MEP and Bumicom, Radio Holland offers a choice of well-selected quality products produced by the world’s leading VTG manufacturers. This product range allows us, as an independent supplier, to offer best suitable customised solutions.

With a dedicated team, Radio Holland supports and maintains the installed networks on a 24/7 basis. We are on call to ensure uninterrupted availability of the system to avoid that safety and the environment will not be compromised. Radio Holland will be pleased to advise on optimising the electronic infrastructure and continuously assesses the latest developments and innovations.

Port of Antwerp: Berendrecht Lock (right) en Zandvliet Lock (left)
Berendrecht Lock (right) en Zandvliet Lock (left)

Recording solutions by Bumicom

The Bumicom mission-critical recording solutions provide for the capture, archive, replay and analyze of voice communications, screen activity, CCTV and radar signals. The Bumicom solutions enable organizations to reconstruct incidents with only a few mouse-clicks and offers traffic controllers instant replay of their communication. The recording solutions integrate flawlessly and securely to the MEP VCS and other radio / telephony platforms. The Bumicom recording solutions are in operation at more than 500 traffic control centers and public safety control rooms.

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