Cobham SATCOM announced the launch of a new SAILOR VHF

Cobham SATCOM announced the launch of the brand-new SAILOR VHF, the SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A as the successor of the renowned and reliable SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC Class A. The SAILOR 7222 offers user-friendly operation, powerful features and unmatched durability in the toughest conditions.

Clear communication can make the difference between a non-event or a major incident, therefore the SAILOR 7222 VHF is developed as a robust platform that fully complies with the forthcoming standards implemented by the IMO resolution on Bridge Alert Management (MSC.302(87)) that will be introduced August 2021, as well as IEC 62023-1 and IEC-62923-2.

Building on the well established decades-long technology leadership of the SAILOR VHF DSC Class A radios that came before it, Cobham SATCOM developed the SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A with updated hardware and software features that unlocks even more potential. It also has an innovative new user-friendly 5.5” TFT touch-screen interface, which further streamlines workflows and optimizes operational safety and efficiency.

The SAILOR 7222 Class A VHF DSC comprises of two units connected with a standard Ethernet connection:

  • SAILOR 7224 Control Unit including Handset
  • SAILOR 7226 VHF Transceiver unit

The SAILOR 7224 Control Unit is made to fit into existing SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC installations. It features simplified menu-driven operation via the responsive new touchscreen on the SAILOR 7224 Control Unit or a connected device with a browser to access the desired functions. Channels can also be selected using a rugged selection knob and the display can be customized with different color themes for optimum readability and visibility both day and night.

Radio Holland introduces the new SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A

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SAILOR 7222 VHF/DSC CLASS A Radiotelephone

The SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A is the most advanced SAILOR radio for demanding users operating within the SOLAS maritime environment.

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