We are proud to announce that our Radio Holland’s eNavigation solution has won the prestigious Smart4Sea Europort award for eNavigation!

Radio Holland, as a well-established and renowned name in the maritime industry, recognizes this award as a testament of our dedication to converting the power of data into effective tooling.

This award is the result of the combined effort of our exceptional teams, visionary partners, and foremost our loyal clients. This achievement is a tribute to their hard work, resilience, and shared future focused vision.

E-Navigation has become a critical component of modern maritime operations, integrating, and combining system data to improve navigation, safety, and efficiency both environmentally and economically.

At Radio Hollands e-Navigation core is our digital portal. This portal serves as the central hub for customers granting our customers access to equipment performance, historical and future based maintenance data. The operational and financial lifecycle planning is based on and powered by years of continuous services via our 60+ service stations and suppliers.

Wim Nieuwveld, Business Development Director New Business at Radio Holland.

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