YDK Technologies, formerly known as Yokogawa, is a manufacturer of a diverse range of navigation equipment such as gyrocompasses, autopilots and electromagnetic logs.

From meteorological to navigational equipment

Yokogawa started in 1852 as a manufacturer of meteorological and hydrological equipment and started developing navigation equipment in the 1950s. Currently, YDK Technologies supply gyrocompasses, autopilots, electromagnetic logs, rudder angle indicators, course recorders, etc.

Introducing the THOR Line

The THOR line is a complete line of navigation products in which proven techniques are combined with present-day technology.

The THOR line is based on its predecessors – the Sigma, Titan and Falcon lines – and combines analogue and digital technologies in a versatile line of navigation products. The THOR line is suitable for both new construction and the replacement market.

YDK Technologies

EML900 Electromagnetic Log

The EML900 is a High-performance electromagnetic log using a next-generation master indicator.

YDK Technologies

PT900 Autopilot

The PT900 is an adaptable autopilot which optimizes gain and minimizes unnecessary steering action.

YDK Technologies

CMZ900 Gyrocompass

The CMZ900 gyrocompass has a space saving Modular design and the master compass can be integrated in the autopilot steering stand.