Introducing the R6 Supreme – the pinnacle of innovation in AIS and VDES technology, representing the new era in shipborne Class-A Transponder systems.

Key features

  • Future proof by design
  • Supports AIS, ASM and VDES
  • Multi-GNSS capability

Versatile Class-A AIS

The R6 Supreme AIS/VDES, being type-approved for AIS, is primed for future VDES functionality. Its cutting-edge Software Defined Radio achieves exceptional AIS sensitivity at -118 dBm, adhering to IEC 61933-2 and future ITU-R M.2092-1 standards.

The R6 Supreme AIS/VDES
The R6 Supreme AIS/VDES

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R6 AIS/VDES Control and Display Unit
Control and Display Unit

Ease of Use

Designed to be an intuitive tool for daily use, the R6 Supreme features an all-new Control and Display Unit (CDU) boasting a modern, speedy graphical user interface (GUI). The 7-inch touch display is brilliantly sunlight-readable, with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels in over 16M colors, ensuring accurate color representation at any viewing angle. The CDU even offers an interface for central bridge equipment dimming, making information easily accessible in a manner akin to a modern smartphone.

Power of Dual-Use

The R6 Supreme seamlessly integrates with a Saab type-approved Navigation GNSS receiver, allowing shared use of the Control and Display Unit (CDU), reducing screen clutter on the bridge and lowering both equipment and installation costs.


Meeting Class-A AIS radio requirements effortlessly, the R6 Supreme implements advanced waveforms and communication protocols defined by VDES standards. Its Software Defined Radio can manage 64 parallel receive or transmit processes, enabling the reception and operation of AIS, ASM, VDE-Terrestrial, VDE-Satellite, AMRD, DSC, and Secure AIS over all channels simultaneously, regardless of bandwidth or band. Additionally, it incorporates the new Bridge Alarm Management (BAM) standard and dual LAN interfaces (IEC 61162-450) for seamless network integration into bridge systems.

Easy Installation

Integrating the R6 Supreme AIS/VDES system with other on-board systems like ECDIS and radar is effortless, utilizing traditional NMEA serial communication or network interface. Its dual network interfaces in both the transponder and CDU simplify installation on redundant bridge networks. The R6 Supreme shares VHF and GPS antenna interfaces with the majority of AIS equipment, streamlining cable reuse during upgrades.

Experience innovation at its peak with the R6 Supreme – setting the standard for modern maritime communication and navigation systems.


  • Class-leading with increased sensitivity (better than -118 dBm) and resilient to interference.
  • Meets SOLAS V Carriage requirements for AIS.
  • Designed to meet new advanced communication modes, as defined by ITU-R M.2092-1 for VDES.
  • Future World-Wide connectivity over VDES-Satellite data links.
  • Meets IEC standard for cyber security of navigation and radio communication systems.
  • Dual IEC 61162-450 network interfaces.
  • Built-in multi GNSS receiver.
  • CDU with waterproof front for exposed panel mount installations.
  • Versatile installation options.