Tokyo Keiki navigation technology

For over a century Tokyo Keiki has been a pioneering manufacturer of navigational products for the marine industry. Tokyo Keiki provides total navigational solutions from gyrocompasses and autopilots to integrated bridges, all of which give vessels precise guidance, enabling them to reach their destination safely. The reliable and proven technology ensures safe navigation and also enhances the efficiency of the vessel’s operation.

Featured products

Tokyo Keiki

ECDIS EC-9000 Series

The EC-9000 offers smart and safe navigation for modern vessels. It features a large touch screen and highly visible icons for intuitive and stress-free operation.

Tokyo Keiki

TG-8100/8600 Gyrocompass

The TG-8100 is designed for standard IMO-ship application whereas the TG-8600 is designed for High-Speed Craft application.

Tokyo Keiki

PR-9000 Autopilot

The PR-9000 autopilot is the latest pilot from Tokyo Keiki designed using the latest technology. Safety, accuracy, and reliability are at the base of the design thereby significantly improving situational awareness and navigational safety.